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Dear customers and partners, we are pleased to inform you that AltScale has new, affordable prices.

Available Solutions

Icon with three siluets, the middle of which has magnifying glass in front of it.


Customer Relationship Management

Cloud with folder in it, Оbject storage

File-sharing solution

Storage, file sharing, synchronization

Icon with three siluets, the middle of which is blue.


Human Resource Management

Editing document with pen

Ticket-tracking system

Ticket-tracking system

Report document with a magnifying glass in front of it.


Optical Character Recognition

Two rectangle messages, one is blue showing communication system.

Workplace Communication System

Communication into one place

Analytics, a monitor showing analytics graphs.

Real time resource monitoring

Keep an eye your resources in real time

Icon showing blue star, meant for showing the new project.


Enhance your cashless payment system

Available Services

Cloud icon, showing the public cloud of company.

Public Cloud

Cloud servers for all your web projects

Mainframe computer in front of cloud service.


Block or Object Storage

Blue cloud with a lock in front of it, showing security in private cloud.

Private Cloud

The secure home for your resources

Two server racks in front of cloud service


Access to a database without setting up

Blue cloud behind a gear wheel, cloud settings, managed cloud.

Managed Cloud

Focus on what you do the best

Cloud pointing to different directions, lbaas


LB allows workload control 

Two man sitting against eachother on a desk.


To be a step forward

Man standing in front of a white board, pointing to it, training for business.


To improve your business

Lock with cryptographic elements behind it, cryptography, VPNaaS.


Secure remote access

Connect your business to our capacity! One month free!

Pricing Plans

Cloud computing



 1 vCPU
 40 GB disk
1 floating IP
 20 GB Free
outgoing traffic
Unlimited incoming traffic

15 $


1 vCPU
 40 GB disk
1 floating IP
50 GB Free
outgoing traffic
Unlimited incoming traffic

23 $


2 vCPU
 40 GB disk
✓ Firewall
1 floating IP
75 GB Free
outgoing traffic
Unlimited incoming traffic

39 $


4 vCPU
40 GB disk
1 floating IP
 135 GB Free
outgoing traffic
 Unlimited incoming traffic

76 $

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Bikes Ltd.



We are relying on AltScale's infrastructure to host and back-up our daily database. This make our work easier and ensure 24/7 availability.
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IngeniQue Corp.

Ivan Bogev
Co-President & Co-CEO
We strongly recommend AltScale managed cloud support team to any company that wants to have industry standard, scalable and highly available infrastructure. Read more
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Quanterall Ltd.

Anton Andonov
AltScale meets all our requirements in regards to scalability, security, price, and quality. We will continue working with AltScale and recommend it as a reliable and professional provider of cloud infrastructure. Read more

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