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AltScale offers universal and yet adaptive cloud services that aims to address the specific needs to our unique customers. AltScale has built its cloud using the latest advancements in multi-tenant cloud architecture relying on cutting edge server hardware, networking, security, virtualization, and management technology. We host out infrastructure in independent class Tier 3 data center in Sofia, Bulgaria, EU.

Our company provides 24-hour phone, email customer support. Professional cloud administration services are available for customers who need help with transition to the Cloud or require ongoing administration of their cloud resources. AltScale provides a number of cloud server flavors that can meet the needs of a wide variety of applications and Enterprise IT services. AltScale's cloud uses Linux KVM as its virtualization hypervisor technology.




  • Innovation and adaptability - in a dynamically developing technological world, it means surviving and succeeding.
  • Satisfaction - the satisfaction of both our users and our owners / employees is the incentive to continue to work successfully.
  • Competitiveness - becoming a step ahead of our competitors makes us a preferred supplier.
  • Significance and usefulness - to be meaningful and useful, brings us personal satisfaction and motivation to move forward.
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    Our mission is to be useful to society by bringing satisfaction to both the users and the owners / employees. We strive to provide optimal, high-quality technology solutions tailored to the needs of our current and potential customers.

    Our role is to satisfy the needs of users, as we aim to the welfare of the world. We manage to achieve this by employees and owners who support the company's values and work for its development.

    By developing our IT skills and experience, we support both the individual growth of our employees and the awareness of consumers in a current and evolving field.

    Our mission is to support optimization and automation at all levels by creating higher comfort and standards for work.



  • Our vision is to increase the awareness of end-users and to stimulate the use of cloud technology at company and individual level.
  • Dynamically changing technologies reinforce our drive to increase our flexibility and adaptation.
  • With regard of company growth, we strive to be up to date and to enter the Blockchain Industry, supporting its development.