Backup solutions

Backup solutions

To safeguard against Ransomware threats and other potential data loss scenarios, we have implemented a comprehensive backup strategy. Our automated backup system ensures that user data is regularly and securely backed up to separate and isolated storage locations. By keeping multiple versions of data, we can quickly restore files to their latest state in case of a ransomware attack or other types of threats and risks.


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Data Loss Prevention: Backups protect against data loss due to hardware failures, accidental deletion, software bugs, or cyber attacks like ransomware. If the original data becomes corrupted or inaccessible, you can restore it from the backup.

Ransomware Recovery: Ransomware attacks encrypt your data and demand payment for decryption. With a backup, you can restore your data without paying the ransom.


Quick Recovery

Backups expedite the recovery process. Instead of recreating or re-entering data, you can restore it from the backup, saving time and effort.

Data Integrity

Regular backups verify the integrity of your data. If you encounter discrepancies between the backup and the original data, you can investigate and rectify the issue.