Effortlessly safeguard your infrastructure and control the visibility of services on your instances. Take advantage of our free Cloud Firewalls, ideal for both staging and production deployments, ensuring the highest level of security for your applications.


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Cost-Efficiency: FWaaS eliminates the need to invest in and maintain dedicated physical firewall appliances. This reduces capital expenses and operational costs associated with hardware procurement, maintenance, and upgrades.

Centralized Management: FWaaS provides a centralized management interface within the cloud dashboard.

Scalability: With FWaaS, you can easily scale your firewall capabilities up or down to accommodate changes in network traffic and demands without having to invest in additional hardware.


Rapid Deployment

Setting up a firewall infrastructure traditionally requires time-consuming configuration and deployment. FWaaS simplifies this process, allowing you to quickly establish and manage firewall rules.

Consistent Policies

FWaaS enables you to enforce consistent security policies and rules across all network segments and locations, ensuring uniform protection and reducing the risk of misconfigurations.

Automated Deployment and Orchestration

FWaaS can be integrated into automation and orchestration workflows within the cloud. This means you can automate the provisioning and configuration of firewall rules as part of your infrastructure-as-code practices.