When you add a domain you own to your Altscale account, you unlock the capability to easily handle the domain's DNS records through the control panel and API. Additionally, the domains managed on OpenStack seamlessly integrate with OpenStack Load Balancers and Object storage, streamlining the process of automatic SSL certificate management.


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With Open APIs, it provides a simplified management structure and automatically generates DNS records for servers.

DNSaaS is a multi-project service which means it allows hosting of more than one project and also maintains the security of the associated resources.

High Availability: OpenStack's inherent redundancy and failover capabilities complement DNSaaS, ensuring that DNS services remain available even in the event of hardware or network failures.



Integration with Keystone identity service provides increased security.

Centralized Visibility

Access a single interface for monitoring and managing both your cloud infrastructure and DNS records, providing comprehensive visibility and control.

Simplified Maintenance

OpenStack's management tools simplify the deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of DNS services, reducing operational complexities.