VPN or 'virtual private network' is a group of computers or discrete networks connected together via a public network such as the Internet. VPN ensures that your computer connects to the Internet to make sure that all the data you have received or sent is encrypted and hidden.

VPNaaS helps you secure and set up high availability for your applications and services by spanning an internal network across several different data centers and even locations in different clouds.


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Cost effective - no need to invest in hardware, software or IT manpower

High availability with back-up service to ensure uninterrupted service

Secure remote access of company internal email and intranet

Increase mobile workforce’s productivity


Site-to-Site VPN

Connect multiple branches from different locations to your headquarters.

Enable internal file sharing, intranet application across multiple offices securely.

Remote Access VPN

Increase mobile workforce’s productivity by allowing them to check company’s email or intranet resources

Secured access