Public Cloud

Fast forward to the cloud

Public Cloud

Our public cloud is a type of computing in which AltScale makes resources available to the public via the internet.Resources include storage capabilities, applications or virtual machines. Public cloud allows for scalability and resource sharing that would not otherwise be possible for a single organization to achieve.

AltScale take security very seriously. Strict policies protect user data from being accessed by other cloud tenants.To gain access to additional levels of security,organizations can leverage a public cloud solution within a hybridized environment


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Replace investment with operating costs

Lower costs for electricity

Security and protection of your resources

You save on maintenance costs

Get high scalability and reliability

Customize the cloud environment


Utility Model

We use an economical pay-as-you-go model,where you pay by the hour for the computer resources you use

Use if you need it

if you want to shut down your server after only 2 hours of use, there is no contract requiring continuous use of the server


The sheer number of servers and networks involved in creating a public cloud and the redundancy configurations means that, should one physical component fail, the cloud service would still run unaffected on the remaining components

Location Independence

The availability of public cloud services through an internet connection ensures that the services are available wherever the client is located

Shared Hardware

Your server shares the same hardware, storage and network devices as the other tenants in the cloud.

Cost Effectiveness

Public clouds bring together greater levels of resource and so can benefit from the largest economies of scale