QRScale enables companies which use the cashless payment system(iBonus) to collect, group and represent the data to their customers in a fancy and yet comprehensible fashion. QRScale takes advantage of QR codes to provide experience similar to mobile application but without the installation step. We can integrate with you or you can integrate with us, it's a matter of preference.

Admin Interface

This interface is aimed at companies, schools, bars or any establishments which use a cashless payment system for conducting their business. It is features rich and allows you to fine-tune based on your business needs.

Owner Interface

Give your traders the ability to receive information in real time about their revenue and make informed decisions on the spot. So, now you will provide them with the competitive advantage to change and adapt their sales channels in a matter of seconds, not minutes, not hours. Don’t you want to check your business pulse now?

User Interface

Provide your customers with their transactions information without any installations required – just scan a QR code. Have intuitive and hassle free interface for your users. Give them a state of the art user experience in the palm of their hands.


price upon request



Admin Dashboard

Fine-tune your events

Generate QR codes on the spot

Manage your logistic

Attach your system with ease to iBonus

Support for different languages and currencies

Keep your users informed with an event map

Owner Interface

Instant access to balance and transaction history

Sort based on your needs for instant feedback

User Interface

Intuitive and cool design

Track your balance in real time

Get a detailed map of the event

Access to your payment history

Support for different languages