Cloud technologies have a strong and comprehensive impact on business and people's lives. One of the predictions for the cloud industry is that it creates new jobs, new ways of working, and organizing business processes. Cloud infrastructure is expected to create millions of new opportunities.

In order to speed up the process and to give businesses the opportunity to benefit from cloud technologies in time, specific knowledge and training are needed. That's why AltScale offers training in cloud technologies.


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Be in touch with all the latest technology developments

Keep up with industry changes

Stay ahead of competitors

Maintain knowledge and skill

Increased innovation in new strategies and products


Meaning of cloud infrastructure


Virtualization and hypervisors

Cloud Service Models (?aaS)

Cloud Components and Architecture

Cloud Platforms

Private, public and hybrid clouds

Cloud Storage

Cloud Service Providers

Cloud business model

Application of Cloud Infrastructure

Setting Up Cloud Infrastructure

OS, SSH keys

Repository & keys

MySQL, NTP, RabbitMQ

Keystone Identity service

Glance image service and Cinder volume service

Hypervisors and compute service

Software defined networks


Installation verification

Cloud Infrastructure Administration

Users and projects

Images and flavors

Software defined networks

Access and security

Instances and snapshots

Volumes and snapshots

Containers and objects


Physical infrastructure protection