Block storage

Block storage

Business-optimized block storage with top-notch performance

Securely connect Instances to our highly available Volumes Block Storage, harnessing the latest storage technology that outpaces both SSDs and traditional HDD storage. Experience scalability and enhanced performance for your data-intensive applications.


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API is compatible with various tools and applications, making it easier to integrate with existing systems and software.

Block storage provides multi-tenancy support, allowing you to create isolated storage resources for different projects or tenants in a shared cloud environment.

Block storage systems often support features like redundancy and failover, ensuring that data remains accessible even if a hardware component or storage node fails.


Capacity and Performance

Block storage is designed to scale horizontally, allowing you to add more storage capacity and performance as your needs grow. It supports the dynamic addition and removal of storage resources without disrupting running instances.

Block storage supports the creation of snapshots

Block storage supports the creation of snapshots, which are point-in-time copies of volume or instance. Snapshots can be used for data backup, recovery, and testing. Additionally, you can create new volumes by cloning existing ones.

Movement of volumes

Movement of volumes between different storage backends, which can be helpful for load balancing, data migration.