Ticket-tracking system

  Laptop showing Ticket Tracking system.

Request Tracker

Get organized today 

    Request Tracker is the system you need to track the important tasks you can't afford to forget. Organizations of all sizes use RT to track and manage customer requests, internal project tasks, and workflows of all sorts. With custom ticket lifecycles, seamless email integration, configurable automation, and detailed permissions and roles, Request Tracker (RT) serves the needs of your customers, your staff, and you. 
   The system optimizes task / query tracking by ensuring that they are executed, informing officials, their executives and clients. Each request has a traffic status and is responsible for its execution. Ticket-tracking system helps management to track performance and the task performer.


Tracking request history

Sorting related tickets into queues

Allowing a ticket to be assigned to a given staff member

Allowing priorities to be assigned and automatically escalated

Increases accountability and organizing

Sending copies of changes by email to the staff and to the original requestor

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