Cloud Storage

 Man working on a laptop on screen is shown File Sharing.

File sharing and Storage

File Sync and Share solution that keeps data under control.

   Software for synchronizing and sharing files, photos, tasks, notes, calendar and contacts on cloud servers. The files in shared directories automatically and instantly sync with the server as well as with all synced devices. It is accessed through a specially developed application or browser from various devices and networks.

   By using cloud space, you do not have to store the information on your hard drive. Instead, you can access it from anywhere and download it to any device of your choice, including laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Additionally, you can also edit files such as Excel, Word documents or PowerPoint presentations, simultaneously with other users, making it convenient to work away from the office.


Files encryption on server for higher protection of your data

Easy and convenient collaboration

Desktop and mobile connection

Access through app (Android & iOS)

Direct and Instant Synchronization

Organization of meetings and assignments

Company subdomain

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