Database as a Service

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Database as a Service

A database is a computer system used to store indexed information. In the age of big data, there’s a lot of information that needs storing. More importantly, you need to be able to retrieve that information reliably and use it to make business decisions. Databases make this possible by allowing you to store, organize, manipulate, and retrieve the data you collect in your daily business processes.


DBaaS service providers are hosting your database using appropriate database infrastructure through PaaS on the cloud. Thus, DBaaS providers, in other words, are managing hardware, network, and software affairs for your database needs. Moreover, they are managing your data related activities including scaling, provisioning, failover, and backup/restore along with other supports needed in real-time emergencies.


DBaaS allows database users from different environments and IT experience to provide database effortlessly. Companies using DBaaS are saving money on equipment, eliminating the installation, maintenance and monitoring of internal databases, reducing the cost of electricity, which reduces overall costs.


Access without setting up

You save money for equipment

Reduced the cost of electricity

You don't need to create a database server

Guaranteed uninterrupted work

Work with experienced specialists who know how to handle various bugs and problems

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