AltScale's cloud services operate at higher than 99.9% availability, which is possible because of the advanced hardware and software components used in AltScale's cloud. The cloud is designed on the principle of no-single point of failure starting with the individual server disks and network connections all the way to redundant remotely located datacenters.


     The physical infrastructure of AltScale is located in Sofia and it's connected with independent high-speed Internet channels that have the highest rated power supply. This enables customers to deploy and manage high availability applications and software services.

     Cloud management

   AltScale's cloud uses OpenStack (https://www.openstack.org/) for is cloud management system. AltScale's has architected its OpenStack implementation using the most advanced approaches for high availability. The control and virtual networking services are implemented following a distributed HA model, allowing the control services to continue operating in the face of drive, network or node-level failures.


    AltScale uses Ceph (https://ceph.com/) as its consolidated storage, which provides cloud block and object interfaces. Ceph is an Open Source software defined storage system. Ceph provides automated load balancing and failover for maximum storage performance and availability. It replicates data across servers, thus further improving data protection and availability.


     AltScale's datacenter network is based on highly reliable Cisco Enterprise managed switches in a redundant topology. Each server is connected with multiple network connections using LACP for maximum network performance and availability.


    AltScale uses state-of-the-art servers with multi-core processors and ECC-protected memory. Servers are equipped multi-terabyte Enterprise-class SATA hard drives. 


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